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本文摘要:You can credit Apple Pay with dramatically raising the visibility of mobile payments technology over the past four months. Even the U.S. government now accepts it, for admission to national parks and such.过去四个月里,移动支付技术取得的关注度明显提高,这笔功劳相当大程度要


You can credit Apple Pay with dramatically raising the visibility of mobile payments technology over the past four months. Even the U.S. government now accepts it, for admission to national parks and such.过去四个月里,移动支付技术取得的关注度明显提高,这笔功劳相当大程度要录在苹果公司的Apple Pay上。就连美国政府现在也拒绝接受了它,容许人们用它出售国家公园的门票什么的。Google isn’t just watching: it just signed some formidable partners to build its own share more quickly. ATT, T-Mobile and Verizon will all preload Google’s app on certain mobile handsets. They’ve also decided to let Google take control of Softcard, the alliance they created to control their mobile payment destiny.谷歌某种程度是在从容:该公司刚和几个强劲的合作伙伴签下,企图很快构筑自己的市场份额。ATT、T-Mobile和Verizon等运营商都将在特定机型上笔记本电脑谷歌的缴纳应用于。

他们还要求让谷歌掌控他们为掌控移动支付命运而创立的Softcard联盟。Plus, you shouldn’t discount the potential influence of the world’s biggest smartphone maker, Samsung. Last week, it bought LoopPay, a technology that doesn’t require massive upgrades of point-of-sale technology.另外,我们也不该忽略全球仅次于手机制造商三星公司的潜在影响力。就在上周,三星刚并购了LoopPay公司,后者的技术并不需要POS机技术的根本性升级。

Nor should you overlook PayPal, which processedapproximately $46 billion in mobile payments during 2014. That was 20% of its total.PayPal也不容忽视。2014年,PayPal通过移动支付处置了将近460亿美元的交易额,占到其总交易额的20%。

Why all this fuss? The answer lies in the success of the Starbuck mobile app, which supports at least 7 million mobile transactions per week.各大公司为何争相涌进移动支付?答案与星巴克移动应用于的顺利有关,该应用于每周最少要处置700万次移动交易。An impressive digital payment vehicle? Certainly. But that understates the app’s powerful influence as a marketing tool. It’s already used liberally to distribute third-party software, digital music, and promotional offers. A valuable marketing channel that is mostly underexploited today.移动支付是一个杰出的数字缴纳载体吗?当然。但这种众说纷纭高估了它作为一种营销工具的强劲影响力。它早已被普遍用作推展第三方软件、数字音乐和广告宣传活动。

这是一个极具价值,但目前还没获得充份研发的营销渠道。“Access to loyalty rewards from brands is the most wanted features from consumers, and it’s the one least integrated in mobile payments today,” notes Forrester Research analyst Thomas Husson, in a recent blog about this topic.福雷斯兹研究公司分析师托马斯o哈森最近在一篇辩论这个话题的博客中写到:“取得各大品牌的忠诚度奖励,是消费者最想的功能,它也是这些移动支付仅次于的缺失之一。”Indeed, approximately 57% of U.S. adult smartphone users want access to loyalty programs and rewards through mobile wallets, according to his firm’s ongoing Consumer Technographics surveys.实质上,根据福雷斯兹公司正在展开的消费科技调查,约57%的美国成年人智能手机用户想要通过智能钱包参与某个品牌的忠诚度奖励计划。Three other tidbits to consider:另外还有三点必须留意:o Don’t forget price comparison information. It was only slightly behind loyalty programs as a desired feature for mobile wallets.o 不要忘了价格较为功能。

在消费者显然,比价信息的重要性只是略低于忠诚度计划,也是消费者十分必须的移动钱包功能之一。o Consumers may be slow to trust. They’re more likely to consider mobile wallets from banks and credit card processors than from technology companies or retailers. PayPal stands out as an exception.o 要让消费者信任移动钱包有可能必须较为宽的时间。他们有可能更容易坚信银行或信用卡处置商发售的移动钱包软件,而不是科技公司或零售企业获取的移动支付功能。

PayPal是个值得注意。o Dramatic three-year increase anticipated. According to Forrester’s report in early February, just 3% of consumers have used a mobile wallet in the past three months. By 2018, however, adoption should reach 15-20% of smartphone users. That’s an impressive upside.o 在未来三年内,移动钱包未来将会构建快速增长。根据福雷斯兹公司二月初公布的报告,在过去三个月里,只有3%的消费者用于了移动钱包功能。






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